Pure Mulberry Silk Sheets are Naturally Hypoallergenic and Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

March brings the first day of spring - a day welcomed by many people. Sunshine, picnics, and flowers are ahead. Unfortunately, the sweet smell of flowering buds can also bring an unpleasant reaction – allergy symptoms that include headaches, congestion, watery eyes, sneezing and dry, itchy skin.

After a day of watery eyes and sneezing, the last thing an allergy sufferer wants to do is climb into a bed where allergens may lurk.

Our pure mulberry silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for allergy suffers. Silk is a natural fiber that repels mold, fungus, dust mites and bed bugs – major sources of allergens.

Another common source of bedding allergens is the amount of chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Silk is processed using mainly water, steam and heat. Other bedding material is processed with harsh, harmful chemicals. Not only do silk sheets help ward off allergens, but because only trace amounts of chemicals are used during the entire manufacturing process, Celestial Silk sheets are the perfect bedding choice for those with sensitive skin.

Allergists, dermatologists and allergy sufferers recommend silk sheets and bedding for comfort, well-being and relief. Interested in pure silk sheets? We are having a Spring Sale on all of our mulberry silk sheet sets. Sign up for our newsletter to receive an additional 5% off of your entire purchase.

Sleep Soundly. Sleep Beautifully. Sleep in Silk.