We're proud to announce that Celestial Silk's Pure Silk Sheets and Pillowcases are featured on Houzz.

We strive to offer the best blend of luxury, style, comfort and affordability into the perfect set of silk sheets and we're pleased that the Houzz team invited us to join their luxurious platform.

We could spend hours discovering new ideas on Houzz and we're hoping to show fellow Houzz users that they can easily turn their bedrooms into luxurious getaways. It's fun to plan new bedroom changes. The summer season is upon us and that means it's time for summer sheets! Switching up your bedding is a quick and simple way to give your bedroom a totally different look. Pure silk sheets are known for their breathable and moisture wicking properties - making them the perfect choice for freshening up your bedroom for the summer months.

Choose light, airy colors for the warm months to give your bedroom a fresh, fun vibe and choose darker colors for the cooler months for a comfy, cozy atmosphere.