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The Benefits of Using a Celestial Silk Eye Mask

The Benefits of Using a Celestial Silk Eye Mask

November 02, 2019

Sleep masks are often purchased for their cuteness factor, think Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but what about their health benefits? Sure, they block out the light and make it easier to fall asleep, but there are so many reasons to wear a sleep mask every night and the benefits get even more exciting when you consider the fabric that they are made of. Silk sheets and pillowcases are touted for being naturally hypoallergenic and providing health and beauty benefits. Silk eye masks offer similar benefits to help you sleep soundly and wake refreshed and rejuvenated.  Check out our top benefits and consider adding a Celestial Silk Eye Mask to your bedtime routine. 

Retains Moisture Around Your Eyes

Ordinary eye masks can block out light, but they also can draw away much needed moisture from your eyes as you sleep. Celestial Silk’s Eye Masks have moisturizing properties that help to naturally retain moisture for a glowing complexion. It’s the dense weave of the silky-smooth fibers that keeps moisture close to your skin as you sleep at night. This extra moisture can reduce lines, wrinkles and dark circles. You can also wear night cream at night without the worries of it rubbing away. However, if you’d like to jump into bed a little sooner you can skip the moisturizer, because silk can keep your eyes moisturized all on its own. Celestial Silk eye masks are filled with pure mulberry silk floss for that added touch of softness that tired eyes call for.

More Affordable Than Black Out Curtains

We all love big windows, but the beautiful morning sunlight can disturb our restful slumber. Bright street lights at night also cause problems, making it harder to sleep. Many people turn to black out curtains, but they can be expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Celestial Silk Eye Masks are very effective in blocking out ambient light. Our masks also come with silk-covered adjustable elastic straps to change the fit and size for comfort that can be easily personalized.

Silk for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin loves silk, especially 100% pure mulberry silk. Conditions like eczema and dermatitis causes dry skin, peeling and redness on your face and around your eyes. Not all eye masks are created equal and material like cotton can tug your skin and absorb moisture causing irritation and unwanted creases. Pure Silk Eye Masks are very gentle and breathable, protecting the delicate skin around your eyes. The smooth, cool texture of our pure mulberry silk eye masks will feel amazing against your skin.

A Great Travel Accessory

More people are travelling regularly for work or to visit family during the holidays. It can be difficult to get your much-needed sleep on a crowded plane especially when your fellow airline passenger is using the bright reading light to finish their favorite novel. Celestial Silk Sleep Masks are easy to pack away and a life saver on those long flights. And when you finally arrive at your parent’s house or a hotel room you might find your room lacking proper black-out curtains. You’ll be relieved to have along your favorite silk sleep eye mask.

There are so many wonderful benefits, but Celestial Silk’s Eye Masks are cute and fun too! We have so many gorgeous colors and designs to choose from. Explore our collection to discover your new favorite sleep accessory and add a little luxury to your bedtime routine.

Sleep Soundly. Sleep Beautifully. Sleep in Silk.

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