Silk Pillowcase - Oxford Style (Sham Style), 19 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk

Dark Red
Dark Teal
Light Blue
Silver Gray

Prevent aging signs. Keep your skin moisturized and hair smooth.

Truly get your beauty sleep with a luxurious silk pillowcase. As the smooth silk encompasses your skin  and hair, you'll understand exactly why beauticians and hair dressers recommend pure silk for sleeping. 

The Oxford Style of our 19 Momme Silk Pillowcase from Celestial Silk fits any beauty seeker's budget. Our charmeuse silk pillowcases add that vibrant, silky touch you're looking for. With a beautiful 2" flange, the Oxford style silk pillowcase adds a gorgeous and sophisticated touch to any bedroom. Made to last, our oxford style silk pillowcase can be used for nightly sleeping or as a silk pillow sham for a silky decorative embellishment. 

All Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are made with 100% Grade A mulberry silk. These particular silk pillowcases have a 19 momme weight count. What does that mean for you?  Everyone knows that a higher thread count in cotton means higher quality. Silk uses the measurement term momme. Higher weight count equals higher quality.

Our high quality pure charmeuse silk pillowcases are made for daily use and regular laundering. 

We make our silk pillowcases with an envelope enclosure, so that your pillowcase always fits snugly on your pillow. Without a snug fit, your pillow will either slip out of the pillowcase, or the silk pillowcase will bunch together during the movements in your sleep. 

We know silk pillowcases and silk bedding sets. Mix and match our many styles and colors to make your bed into a modern, luxurious, every-day escape. With 15 colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect mulberry silk pillowcase to match your style, mood and budget. 

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