Silk Swatch

The best way to sample sleeping on silk is to buy a silk pillowcase. If you love how pure mulberry silk feels on your face, just imagine how overwhelmingly luxurious being surrounded by silk will feel. 

Want to buy silk sheets, but not sure what color you want? Are you hooked on silk, but don't know if you should buy silk sheets made from 19 momme or 25 momme? That's why we offer free swatches. If you're ready to make a purchase, make sure to sign up for a newsletter to receive a 10% discount. We love sleeping in silk, and we're pretty sure you will to. There must be a reason that celebrities and royals continue to love silk bedding decade after decade. 

Request a swatch and receive a 10% discount to use on your next silk sheet set purchase. 

*Limit 2 per customer.

Momme Weight
Dark Red
Charcoal Gray