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About Us

The mission of Celestial Silk is very simple: Provide clients with a luxurious sleeping experience that rivals a night at a resort. Our silk bedding, silk sheets and silk pillowcases help people achieve restful, quality sleep while preventing and reducing signs of aging and stress. You might say that we help achieve a better beauty sleep, naturally. 

Not only do silk sheets provide beauty benefits, but they provide comfort and health benefits. Our silk bed sheets are made from 100% Grade A mulberry silk. Silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and are the perfect bedding choice for allergy sufferers. 

What's not to love about silk? 

We love silk and the effect it has on our lives, but we know that there's more to a good night's sleep than what material you're sleeping on. When your head finally touches the pillow after a long day, thoughts of the day flash by. You ask yourself if you could have done anything different, anything to make the day better. 

We care about the US community and we understand that we have a social responsibility when we sell luxury items. Celestial Silk donates 10% of all proceeds to local and national organizations, including KARM. Helping keep little bellies full helps us sleep better. When our heads touch our silk pillowcases at night, we can sleep soundly knowing we're helping people of all ages and incomes get a better night's rest. A good night's sleep can do wonders for hopes, aspirations, appearances and health.

That's why Celestial Silk exists - to help people sleep better, feel better and look rested. 

We are headquartered and maintain inventory in the United States. We design our products with you in mind. We are an American based company serving American customers and we offer free tracked & insured shipping for orders over $24.95. For your protection, we require signature confirmation on orders exceeding $200. 

 We give our customers great pricing on luxury items. That feels good. When you buy from Celestial Silk, you're helping to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. That feels even better.  

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to email us at: with any questions about us or our silk bedding.

Sleep Soundly. Sleep Beautifully. Sleep in Silk.

~The Celestial Silk Team


Once the delicate whisper of luxurious silk caresses your skin, you'll never go back to any other bedding. 

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